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Chimico Computazionale

  • Tipo: Offerta di lavoro
  • Offerta inserita il: 30.06.2020
  • Offerta scade il: 30.07.2020
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  • Luogo: provincia di Napoli
  • Categoria Professionale/Mansione: Ricercatore/Ingegnere/Tecnico
  • Settore: Altro
  • Offerta pubblicata da: Gi Group - Hirevo Life Science

SPECIALIZZAZIONE : Life Science Our Client is a Multinational Biopharmaceutical Company. For the Site based in Naples, Gi Group SpA, (Lifescience Division) is looking for:


The ideal candidate will join the R&D Discovery Platform and will have a proven track record of using computational insights to guide medicinal chemistry projects in a pharmaceutical environment. This position could develop into a leadership role within the computational chemistry group of the R&D Discovery Platform.


The successful candidate will:

•     Be part of multidisciplinary teams working on the design and evaluation of new disease targets and analogues for key drug discovery projects
•     Promote and evaluate new computational techniques and technologies for drug discovery
•     Assist the discovery project teams with prioritization and compound design. In close collaboration medicinal chemists and project teams, apply a wide variety of drug-design and computational chemistry methods to improve potency, selectivity, and ADME properties while minimizing toxicological risk.
•     Apply and develop new approaches for biasing molecular designs using machine-learning, scoring functions, and multiple endpoint optimization methods
•     Maintain and develop working knowledge of contemporary computational chemistry methods and their use in ligand design and data analysis as applied to drug design projects.
•     Works independently (under minimal supervision) and makes decisions that require developing new options to solve complex problems.
•     As a member of multidisciplinary teams, you will have the opportunity to influence lead optimization and lead identification efforts throughout the organization


•     A completed Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry, computational chemistry or a related field with strong theoretical background as demonstrated by contributions to leading journals
•     3+ years’ post graduate experience in the pharmaceutical industry applying various methods of computer modelling to drug discovery projects
•     Skilled in applying state-of-the-art methods and tools for structure-based drug design, in silicon screening, QSAR, and pharmacophore development
•     Expertise in machine learning techniques, multiple parameter optimization methods, quantum chemistry, docking methods, molecular dynamics, and homology modelling approaches.
•     Must be self-motivated, have exceptional communication skills, and have a strong grasp of bio-organic and physical chemistry concept
Functional/Scientific/Technical Skills:
•     Demonstrated skills in the application of computer-assisted drug design using standard modelling and computational software packages.
•     Ability to independently analyse literature and project data, formulate creative design hypotheses and design novel ligands in the context of project need
•     Ability to serve as a lead computational chemist on multiple drug discovery projects
•     A working knowledge of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery
•     Proven ability to collaborate with others.
•     Applicants are desired to have programming expertise in at least one programing language.
•     Excellent written and oral communication skills

I candidati ambosessi (D.lgs n. 198/2006) sono invitati a leggere l'informativa privacy ai sensi degli artt. 13 e 14 del Reg. EU 679/2016 al seguente indirizzo: ://

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