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Back End Engineer - Categorie Protette L. 68/99

  • Tipo: Offerta di lavoro
  • Offerta inserita il: 22.07.2021
  • Offerta scade il: 21.08.2021
  • Posti disponibili: 1
  • Luogo: Milano (MI)
  • Categoria Professionale/Mansione: Varie/Altro
  • Settore: Altro
  • Offerta pubblicata da: Adecco Filiale di Milano Volta
  • Categorie protette

Back End Engineer - L. 68/99
Job description
This is a job opportunity for 'Categorie Protette' under Law 68/99.

What you will do
• You will join a small distributed team of developers, with an actual decision autonomy - you will be responsible for your work;
• You will find brilliant solutions for complex problems;
• You will write quality software: readable, well designed and thoroughly tested code;
• You will work together with people from other key areas, participating on analysis, discussion and implementation phase.

Skills & Requirements
• Love for coding: you are proud of your work;
• Large-scale data processing: you know how to deal with large amount of data (moving hundreds of GBs of data);
• Experience with multi-process patterns to scale up our synchronous and asynchronous tools
• Knowledge of our current technology stack: PHP (Laravel), Python, Javascript (VueJS), RabbitMQ, Git, Unix-like environment;
• Knowledge of relational (MySQL) and non-relational (Elasticsearch) databases;
• Great communication and synthesis skills working closely with product managers, other teams and both internal and external stakeholders;
• Analytical, detail-focused mindset;
• Be able to legally work in Europe (you are the holder of an EU Passport or you are the holder of EU residency permit or you are the holder of a Schengen Work Visa).

Data inizio prevista: 01/09/2021

Categoria Professionale: Analisi / Sviluppo Software / Web

Città: Milano (Milano)


  • B

Disponibilità oraria:

  • Full Time

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